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On July 8th, 2014.  Carmel was inducted into the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Congratulations Carmel, you are a continuing Artist Extrodinary.

May 20th, 2012 Ireland’s leading television program “Nationwide” aired a documentary / interview with legendary Carmel Quinn. Viewers called the show “brilliant”, “the best entertaining show” of this weekly series. “Nationwide” showcased the many talents of Carmel Quinn – from her early appearances on the ‘Late, Late Show’ hosted by Gay Byrne to her meteoric rise to fame on America’s own ‘Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts’ and her numerous guest appearances on the shows ‘Mike Douglas’, ‘Jack Paar’, ‘Merv Griffin’, ‘Live with Regis and Kathie Lee’ and many more . Her Irish wit had the audience and viewers alike roaring with laughter. “Laughter”, she says, “is what we all need right now – especially in these trying times. It definitely is a tonic”. Her stories of growing up in Ireland and coming to America are such that will never be heard of again. The documentary focused on her love of entertaining – her singing, her spontaneous comedy, her repartee with the members in the audience, her true, hilarious stories of growing up in Ireland and coming to America and what has happened over the years since.

Carmel is planning to return to Ireland this fall to perform some concerts in Dublin and other parts of the Country and to visit with her family and many fans and friends. She says, “I love performing, it’s my life.” No doubt! As the legions of fans clamor for more and their adulation says it all.

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November 4th, 2013: Irish Repertory Theatre, New York City. In a tribute to Seamus Heaney (Irish Poet) Carmel (and other notables) recited some of this poet's best works. Carmel recited his "Aye" and "Old Smoothing Iron" to standing ovations.

Bobbi Krantz, Director of the Arts and Community Center voices: “What a wonderful performance Carmel Quinn gave at Ocean County College.  Her wonderful sense of humor, charming personality and captivating voice made the performance such a special one for our audience.  I think the standing ovation she received from her multitude of fans said it all.”  (3/10/2013)

Don Stolz, owner/manager of the Old Log Theatre in Minneapolis raves: We can’t have Carmel appear here enough!  Audiences just love her!” (3/17/2013)

From the Irish American Club performance, Lakewood New Jersey, May 17, 2011.”You gave us an evening of pure pleasure. The entire room was rollicking with laughter: Everyone in attendance was entranced with your talent and charm.  No one wanted the evening to end You are indeed a treasure that will always be remembered.”  

From the March 16th, 2011 Performance at the Old Log Theater, her forth annual Old Log Concert. “From the warm applause that greeted her when she stepped on stage to the standing ovation at the conclusion of the program, it was vintage Carmel Quinn.

From the March 5th, 2011 Westside Irish-American Club Performance, Cleveland, Ohio:

                                                       “From the moment of her appearance on the stage to her last standing ovation, Carmel Quinn weaved her magic spell.  The audience was captivated and enchanted.  The laughter, the sing-a-longs the smiles, the nods – all prove Carmel Quinn is a ‘one-of-a kind’ entertainer; one not to be missed seeing.”

From the March 12, 2011 performance at the Englert Theatre, Iowa City, Iowa: “Carmel Quinn is a fantastic singer and storyteller, known for her unique ability to connect with the audience.

Carmel Quinn appeared here at the Old Log Theater on St. Patrick's Day for the third year. She was magnificent.

It was a thrill to have an audience of hundreds, many of whom were so young they had no idea who Arthur Godfrey was.

Ms. Quinn was on stage for ninety wonderful love-filled minutes of music and humor. In all the years in the history of this theater, I have never seen an audience leave more thrilled nor more filled with joy. To all, including me, it was an unequalled precious experience.

There is no one better than Carmel Quinn.”

Don Stolz,  Actor, writer, producer, and director Don Stolz is best known as the guiding force behind the Old Log Theater, but he is also a radio veteran and played a pioneering role in the growth of television in the Twin Cities.

There is no one better than Carmel Quinn.Carmel Quinn was awarded on October 15, 2009, the Annual Lolo Sarnoff Award for Outstanding Vision and Creativity. “.. You have been a great ambassador for Ireland and your considerable contribution to the Arts has always been important and is deeply appreciated....” 

Carmel Quinn was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her father was an excellent violinist and the family was quite musical. Upon completion of her early schooling, she entered college with the intention of becoming a teacher, but soon thereafter took a chance on an audition for singers at the Dublin Theater Royal. She won a week's engagement, and went from there to the Crystal Ballroom for two months. Another audition won her a permanent spot with Johnny Devlin's Orchestra, and other orchestra and theatrical engagements followed. At length she went to London and made her radio debut over the BBC.

Carmel married Bill Fuller who at the time owned ballrooms in Dublin and in London. Because of the large amount of Irish immigrating to the States he decided to open ballrooms in New York, Boston, Chicago & San Francisco where the Irish were amassing again. His ventures were all successful. When Carmel came to America, in March of 1954, it was to perform in these ballrooms.

A few months later she appeared on the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts program and won the contest. Her husband was back in Ireland and didn't even know that she was on the program until he heard that she won it. The prize was to appear on the show for the next three days. She did; and she stayed on as a "regular" for six additional years. American audiences loved her songs and her humorous tales about life.

Carmel was one of many popular stars today that got their start from Irish-American Arthur Godfrey's show. These include Pat Boone, the McGuire Sisters, Tony Bennett and Connie Francis. Two big stars missed by the show's screening staff were Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly, both flunked the show's auditions.

The general overall consensus of numerous bookers / agents agree with the NEW YORK TIMES who have said that Carmel Quinn and her show delivers: outstanding program of entertainment and nostalgia of wonderful Irish wit with a Jack Benny-like gift for comedic timing of hilarious jokes and stories with no off-color or double entendres...a true talented professional - singer, comedienne and storyteller.

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